Monday, December 1, 2008

Reindeer painting

The rough idea of this reindeer is sketched out, I've chosen a wee glass ball for him to be wearing on his antler, the watercolor paper and paints are set up to begin and I ... well I ... have to stop and have a second cup of coffee. Why is it that at the precise moment where a painting session is just about to begin-where I have to pick up the paint brush in my hand and dip it into some color...that I freeze with panic. I avoid this moment like the plague. Most of the time I manage to avoid it by doing something (anything, really) else. Then I eventually get to work. Once I actually put the brush into some color and start applying the color to the paper, I am joyous! Surely there is a Shakespeare quote for this repeated odd scenario. I'll just go have a look.
Well that little escapade managed to eat up some time. I didn't find the quote I was looking for but the activity settled down my nerves about painting and so now I'm going to sit down and paint a reindeer eye.

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