Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to the Fairy Fruitcake Salon!

This is where I like to be when I'm dreaming up things. There's lots of fruitcake eaten in this space, especially at 4 p.m. every afternoon when I set out the sherry and cake. Friends drop by to chat and show me the stuff they've been making and to share their ideas. I just purchased a very small tinsel tree (so small it fits on the sideboard where the cake trays are laid out) and am just now decorating it with the tiniest vintage glass balls that my daughter gave to me for my birthday. I think this tree must be kind of scarce as I've never seen one before. For many years I've searched out second-hand shops, and this small tree is the first I've seen of the tinsel type. Well here's a photo for you to see the tree. Drop by and have some cake!