Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chai Vendor

Meet Azza (pronounced azzah) a chai vendor that is becoming himself on the pages of an old book that I've coated lightly with gesso which is the ground I'm using to paint on. He is holding his fingers to his lips in an expressive gesture to say that his chai is exquisite. Bits of gold foil wrapper paper from the ferrero roche chocolates that I got for Christmas are incorporated into his hat. (I don't know what to call his head gear). See the elephant clipping? That will be on his clothing somewhere as the elephant is his companion animal. Well we will see where Azza takes me on this painting adventure. I plan to paint bare feet with exquisite toes but we shall see what transpires. Oh! He will be a paper doll for a swap I am doing with the theme 'male.' Talk to you soon. There's lots of fruitcake over on the do help yourself! I've just popped out to make some chai and I'll be right back. Have a seat!

Friday, December 19, 2008

More Dots...

It is time to clean up my house. Now I can't find my gloves. It's 8 degrees below zero outside. During the day in the full light of the sun. I refuse to buy new ones. I have gloves. I just can't find them. So today I set off to walk the 8 blocks to my shopping area when after one block I realized that my hands were freezing. So much so that they hurt. So I asked the Universe for some gloves. I said "I'd like some gloves but I don't want to pay for them." And then I continued on my walk and aware that my hands and fingertips especially, were really really cold. They stung like needles. I continued on and then half a block away I spotted something small and black laying at the side of the sidewalk in the snow. I wondered to myself "could it be possible?" And sure enough it was. A glove. Black knit and laying there waiting for me to find it. I was thrilled. I said thank you aloud to the Universe. I shook the snow off and put it on. I'd thought that when I asked the Universe for gloves that maybe someone would come up to me on the street and offer a pair to me as they didn't need them, or maybe someone would drop a pair just as they were getting on the bus and then the bus would drive away and I would just pick up my new gloves. Well the one glove at the side of the walk was good enough for me. I was really thanking my lucky stars when half a block away I found the matching glove. Now I had a pair. I thanked the Universe. A block later I found another black wool glove and so I could now double-up for extra warmth on one hand. I thanked the Universe. And then two blocks later I found another black wool glove. Now I had exactly two pairs of gloves. So I am taking the time to say out loud to the Universe...T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rag balls

These fabric balls are not rags but I think rag balls are what this type of decoration is called. The fabric is quite new and a creamy white cotton. There are 31 quotations which are covered in tulle and sewn on so that every foot or so you find another quote. They are meant to be inspirational and perhaps would be a nice meditation to do on a daily basis. So for every day of the month you have a nice thought. Sequins and beads are sewn on to add a decorative element and I really like the act of hand sewing them in place. When unwrapped the cloth garland looks quite nice draped on a tree, or around a doorway or bookshelf. There is 35 feet of garland to these balls. Or you can leave them as a ball for a simple thing of beauty.
Friends and family will be receiving these for my Christmas gift this year. Each takes about 3 hours to make. Here are two quotes as an example: Giving requires good sense, and By her gait one knew the goddess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Connecting the dots...

Well I have laid out the sideboard with freshly made shortbread and am just putting on the kettle for tea. Your cup is waiting for you (it's the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II memorabilia tea cup dated June 2, 1953) and I hope you will join me.

Often I am aware of the serendipitous events in my life. Last night around midnight by the light of the full moon in my back lane as I sauntered down to the end with scissors in hand planning to snip a bit of holly and red berries, another eventful scene took place. I will give you the dots; the Universe joins them up somehow. My studio is messy, so much so that in spots it is nearly impossible to work. My sewing nook is one of these; and the worst actually. I need a proper sewing table that is small in scale, sturdy, and most importantly, narrow. I have numerous and I am serious about the numerous projects swimming around in my head that require sewing as part of the construction. I've done prototypes that have made me squeal with excitement. Others are stored for reference in my pictures on my computer. I've done none of these. Two days ago I wanted to make a batch of shortbread and put them in a nice cellophane bag with mandarins and tied with a nice label and decorated with freshly cut holly in bloom with red berries. I wanted to give this to my neighbor who is in sad form these days. But I'm, swaps, housework, paperwork...oh the list goes on. Excuses all of them. So last night at around 9:30 when I was already tired, I made myself begin a batch of shortbread. They were finished and cooled by 11:30 and by then I was even more tired. But I made myself make up a nice package, a nice hand-done tag, and went merrily off under the full moon with scissors in hand. When lo and behold what do I come across under the light of the full moon? A small, in perfect condition, narrow, with two pull out drawers, table/desk. There was the sewing table that I needed and I would not have found it if I had not pushed myself to do what I had wanted to do which is to give some pleasure to a neighbor who is sad. The Universe connect these dots. Well I hear the kettle whistling and it is time to make tea. Talk to you soon!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Meet Rudolph, a gentle sweet reindeer who posed just long enough for me to paint his picture. This is for a Christmas holiday atc swap hosted by Sandra at babycakesdesignsspeaks. This card is for my swap partner Melissa. Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Reindeer painting

The rough idea of this reindeer is sketched out, I've chosen a wee glass ball for him to be wearing on his antler, the watercolor paper and paints are set up to begin and I ... well I ... have to stop and have a second cup of coffee. Why is it that at the precise moment where a painting session is just about to begin-where I have to pick up the paint brush in my hand and dip it into some color...that I freeze with panic. I avoid this moment like the plague. Most of the time I manage to avoid it by doing something (anything, really) else. Then I eventually get to work. Once I actually put the brush into some color and start applying the color to the paper, I am joyous! Surely there is a Shakespeare quote for this repeated odd scenario. I'll just go have a look.
Well that little escapade managed to eat up some time. I didn't find the quote I was looking for but the activity settled down my nerves about painting and so now I'm going to sit down and paint a reindeer eye.