Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chai Vendor

Meet Azza (pronounced azzah) a chai vendor that is becoming himself on the pages of an old book that I've coated lightly with gesso which is the ground I'm using to paint on. He is holding his fingers to his lips in an expressive gesture to say that his chai is exquisite. Bits of gold foil wrapper paper from the ferrero roche chocolates that I got for Christmas are incorporated into his hat. (I don't know what to call his head gear). See the elephant clipping? That will be on his clothing somewhere as the elephant is his companion animal. Well we will see where Azza takes me on this painting adventure. I plan to paint bare feet with exquisite toes but we shall see what transpires. Oh! He will be a paper doll for a swap I am doing with the theme 'male.' Talk to you soon. There's lots of fruitcake over on the do help yourself! I've just popped out to make some chai and I'll be right back. Have a seat!

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