Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rag balls

These fabric balls are not rags but I think rag balls are what this type of decoration is called. The fabric is quite new and a creamy white cotton. There are 31 quotations which are covered in tulle and sewn on so that every foot or so you find another quote. They are meant to be inspirational and perhaps would be a nice meditation to do on a daily basis. So for every day of the month you have a nice thought. Sequins and beads are sewn on to add a decorative element and I really like the act of hand sewing them in place. When unwrapped the cloth garland looks quite nice draped on a tree, or around a doorway or bookshelf. There is 35 feet of garland to these balls. Or you can leave them as a ball for a simple thing of beauty.
Friends and family will be receiving these for my Christmas gift this year. Each takes about 3 hours to make. Here are two quotes as an example: Giving requires good sense, and By her gait one knew the goddess.

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