Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beautiful Books

This beautiful magazine came in my mail yesterday. It's packed with inspirational pieces and already I want to get back to making my stuffed dolls. Thanks to Kim for her blog giveaway which I won!
This book was sitting on the shelf of my local 2nd hand store waiting for me to find it. I've long been a fan of Denyse Schmidt and have spent more hours than I can admit just lusting over her creations on her site. Now I can make my own. So thrilling...and I know what I am making this year to give to family and friends at Christmas time. Time to get out the sewing machine oil.
Hope you are all having a splendid creative day. Talk soon, hugs from Norma

1 comment:

Jennifer Conway said...

Great score! Can't wait to (hopefully) be the recipient of one of your fabulous creations!